Review Management App Help

Looking for the app? Download it here (It's called "Business Messenger Pro"):

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Settings Tab

Personal: Each user has access to personal settings, they can change their username, password, and notification settings. No one has access to another user's personal settings, only that user.

Team:This is where you can add and delete users. Add by clicking “New User”. Enter in their name, email address( which will be their username) and temporary password. They can go in and change their password after they’ve been set up. You’ll want to assign the correct access level per user.

  • Owner: they have access to all settings for all locations. They can respond to any message that comes in, assign conversations to other users, and reply to reviews posted within their account
  • Location Admin: they have access to all settings for just one location. Owner and location Admin can be used interchangeably if they only have one location. They can respond to any message that comes in, assign conversations to other users, and reply to reviews posted within their account
  • Team Leader: Access to both personal and team settings. They can respond to any message that comes in, assign conversations to other users, and reply to reviews posted within their account.
  • Team Member: Only access to personal settings. They can respond to any message that comes in, assign conversations to other users, and reply to reviews posted within their account.
  • Team Member limited: Only access to personal settings. They can respond to any message that comes in, and assign conversations to other users. They CANNOT reply to reviews posted.
  • Individual: Only access to personal settings. Can only respond to conversations assigned to them. Will not see new messages that come in unless someone assigns them that conversation.

Business:Goes over all the business information, if the address or name ever needs to change, you and edit it here. Main thing here is adjusting the business hours, to customize the business hours, click on “update” and make sure “Open all day” and “closed all day” are unclicked. Set your open and closed time as you wish, and when customers contact within your open hours, they will receive your automatic reply, and if they contact during their closed hours they will receive the out of office reply.


● First option in here is to update the custom review image. This is the image that is attached to your review invitation. Click on “Update” beside “Custom Review Image”. You can use one of the four the default pictures available, or drag and drop your own.

● Second would be to link your Google My Business as well as the Facebook account. For Google, click on the “Use my Google Account”. A pop up window will appear asking you to log into your GMB, you must have managerial access to link the GMB. Once you log in, the GMB will come up as an option, click allow, and you will be

navigated back to your dashboard. Go back to Settings > Review > and where the “Use my Google Account” button was, you’ll have a drop down option to set the primary location. Click that drop down, choose your business and your GMB will be linked.

● To link Facebook, click the button “Log in to Facebook”. You need to be listed as a business administrator on the facebook site to be able to link. Log in with your personal facebook credentials, it will then ask you which business to link, click allow, and then it’s linked.

Webchat: Here is where you can update your web chat widget settings.

● You can update your avatar by dragging and dropping a new photo where it says “Update Avatar”.

● You can adjust the color of the web chat that appears on the site by clicking on the colored box.

● You can change the page position of the web chat, the icon, as well as the greeting that appears when the web chat pops up on the website.

● Under automation settings: you can change the automatic reply and out of office reply. You are also able to toggle on and off what messages coming in get the automatic reply.

Messenger Tab

Messages come in by:

● Business facebook messages

● Web chat

● Direct Texts

You can assign any conversation to a user, over in the right hand side of the conversation. There is a drop down where you can assign any new or current conversations to a user. Messages that are pressing will be in the open tab, if you’d like to move them over to the

closed tab, you click the check mark on the right hand side, beside the name of who is assigned the conversation.

To send a new message, you’ll click the button “Send New Message”. You’ll enter in your customers name and phone number, as well as the message you want to send. You can send a template, location in the book icon, or an attachment including photos, vidoes, or files.

To send a mass message, you’ll click “New Message” then “Upload CSV”, the button on the right hand side of the page. Here, you can click on the “Download CSV template, where you can copy and paste the names, and numbers/emails of your customers to the correct column. You can upload 1000 customers at a time. You’ll then export that file as a CSV, and drag and drop the file over to Chekkit. This will auto populate the chart, and you can send either a template or a message to your customers. This will send each message out individually, however you get the benefit of just sending one mass message.

Review Tab

Your most recent reviews are posted first. From here, you can respond to reviews by clicking “Reply to Review” below the posted review. On the right hand side, you’ll see your overall Google star rating as well as number of reviews. Below this, you’ll see your total reviews month by month, and below that you can compare your review invitation sent month by month.

The bottom middle chat shows the engagement of your customers in the past review invitation, whether they click on the link, and whether they clicked on a platform to leave a review on.

Beside that is the monthly review invitation goal chart. You can set this goal in Settings > Review > Monthly Review Invitation Goal and click “Update” on the right hand side.

Templates Tab

The template’s tab comes with a few default templates the system has already created for you. These are the Review Invitation, Survey Request, Negative Review Follow Up, Review Invitation Reminder, and Say Thanks. If you don’t want to keep one or more of these, you can click on the pencil on the right hand side of the template, and click the option that says “Delete”. The other option is “Edit”, as you can edit the wording, add a photo or link to any template.

If you’d like to create a new template, click on the option “New Template” on the top right hand corner. It will ask you to give it a title, for example “We’re on our Way!”. Then add in the message you’d like to send to your customer. You can use the tricks we have like “Customer name” or “Employee name” and this will auto populate this information in each conversation thread. You can toggle this as a favorite, which allows it to appear in a new message right above “ Enter Message here”.

Feedback Tab

The survey request template is directly correlated to the Feedback tab. You can send the survey request to your customer when you'd rather hear their feedback instead of having them post a review on the internet. Their responses to this survey are strictly internal and are only listed in their account. You create questions on the left hand side. You can ask for a numbered response to questions like “how likely are you to recommend us on a scale of 1 - 10?” or you can ask for a worded response like “What's something we can work on for your next visit”? The responses to those questions will be on the right hand side under “Question Responses”.

Leaderboard Tab

Here is where you can see the users of the account and how engaged they are in the platform You can see how many review invitations they’ve sent, whether they’ve been tagged in reviews, and their number of conversations whether new, open or closed. You can also change the date range in the top right hand corner to compare different time frames. At the bottom, you’ll see how the location as a whole is doing during the time frame selected.

Competitors Tab

Here is where you will be able to see how you are competing against other businesses in your industry and area. If they are listed twice, go ahead and click the pencil on the right hand side and click “Delete”. If there is a business listed that doesn't look like it fits as a competitor, you can delete them as well. You are also able to add a competitor at the bottom right of the page, and it will pull up that businesses rating as well as number of reviews.

Insights Tab

This is where you can see how your customers are finding you.

Direct web search: They typed the business name in the Google search Engine.

Organic Web search: It took a few clicks, perhaps a few pages to find your business

Web conversions: People who visit your website from Google

Map searches: Customer searched for businesses in your industry around them

Phone Calls: Customers calling directly from the “Call us” button on the GMB.

It also shows a chart of reviews by star rating, as well as the key words listed in your reviews.