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Why would anyone order a brand-new, custom-designed sportscar and then install an old, non-functioning 4-cylinder engine? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the entire purpose of owning a sportscar? And yet, the same people who would not dream of such an idiotic act choose to write their own website content. The underlying principle is the same – both decisions rob you of power and essential functionality.

Modern Websites

Modern websites have come a long way from the single-paged, informational billboards of the nineties. Internet users in 2021 expect valuable information and services at their fingertips, on demand and all the time. Everyone agrees that functionality is crucial to website design and success. Things like mobile-friendly functions, fast loading, engaging components and easy point-of-sale features are a must for your modern company website.

But all that functionality is useless with the single most important element that drives traffic to your website and guides user action on the site: content. More now than ever, content is king in the digital marketing realm. Internet users now depend on web searches for most initial shopping inquiries and other informational queries. The Internet is the modern Yellow Pages to locate anything and everything you could ever want or need. And even that relies almost completely on content.

Why Content is King of Digital Marketing

Various forms of content on your company website provides users with information that drives purchasing decisions. That content can be presented in various forms to meet the preferences of various users, including text, images, audio or video, or even a mixture of all these. But one vital factor remains – content is what users seek when they initiate a search on Google or other search engines.

Now, why is creating your own content such a bad idea, likened above to installing a useless engine in a brand-new sportscar? Quality content created specifically for the Internet is what powers the entire realm of digital marketing. How is this true?

  • Content provides the information that users seek to make purchasing decisions
  • Content provides the information that users seek to learn more about a topic
  • Content is how search engines crawl and index your website so users can find information
  • Content is how users initiate a search on the Internet, even with voice

And, this content must be specifically written to provide both users and search engines what they seek. Professional digital copywriters know how to write to both audiences, appealing to one while satisfying the demands of the other. Without a professional digital copywriter creating your online content, your website is left to founder in a digital “outer darkness,” un-found and unused, and ultimately not profitable.

The Importance of Specialized Digital Copywriting

Writing for the web is a specific type of writing discipline, vastly different from novel writing or crafting an article for your local newspaper or magazine. Digital copywriting contains elements that help users discover your website and provides them with quality, usable information. In fact, Google ranks websites by quality of content as well as other specific design factors.

Professional content creation will include elements for:

  • General SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Local SEO
  • Voice Search
  • Easy Readability / Understanding
  • User Engagement
  • Quality, Relevant Information
  • Moving Users Along the Sales Funnel
  • Guiding Users to Make Desired Responses

Professional content creation turns your company website into a lead-generating machine, driving traffic and sales and growing your profitability.

Professional Content Creation Ups Your Website Game

Professional content creation by an experienced digital copywriter ups your website game by providing all the necessary elements for digital marketing success. Your web pages, landing pages, blog posts, video and audio are crafted and optimized for superior indexing by search engines. They will also present easily understood, relevant and quality information that help users make the best decisions about choosing your company products and/or services.

Would you try to build an engine for that new sportscar if you know nothing about engines? Why try to write your own website content if you are not an expert digital copywriter? Professional content creation is more affordable than you may think. Contact 1-FIND SERVICES today and inquire about professional content creation for your local business website.

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