There is always room for improvement when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). 1-FIND is your source for SEO in Kingsport and all things digital marketing. Smart marketers looking to improve their rankings can take these steps to boost their SEO in Kingsport and across the globe.

Conduct an SEO Assessment of Your Website

How does your company website do with SEO rankings right now? This is a review to determine how easily your site is located and viewed by users and search engines. These TOP TEN Items from are just the basics:

  1. Check Your Visibility on Google
  2. Check URLs and Meta Descriptions
  3. Analyze Titles and Headings
  4. Evaluate Incoming Links
  5. Analyze Your Spam Score
  6. Check Your Internal Links
  7. Investigate for Broken Links
  8. Analyze Your Web Content
  9. Audit Your Images
  10. Check Your Page Speed (The industry standard is three seconds or less.)

There are online tools to help you perform each of these checks. Some paid SEO monitoring services do it all and generate a custom report with details. Semrush recommends using these four basic tools:

  1. SEMrush Site Audit Tool
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Search Console
  4. Google PageSpeed Insights

These reports will uncover any problems with your website’s SEO, such as difficult navigation, not being optimized for mobile devices, a poor design, broken links, and more.

Perform Targeted Keyword Research

Keyword research is about discovering what users are searching for and using the appropriate search terms in your website content. That starts with thinking about who you’re trying to bring to your website. What are they searching for when they find your page?

If you are aiming to rank high for users in Kingsport, you will want to use that phrase and some variations in your keywords. However, there is more to increasing your rankings than simply dropping in keywords. That’s where keyword research becomes so valuable.

There are keyword tools available to help you choose the best keywords for your industry, company, brand, and location. These tools help you to analyze what keywords competitors are ranking high with, so you can make choices that make your own site stand out and rank high.

For example, if you sell chicken and Chick-Fil-A is ranking high in your town for “chicken sandwiches,” you are obviously not going to steal that ranking away. But what about other variations that are popular that Chick-Fil-A is not ranking high with? Some variations could include “homemade chicken sandwiches,” “best chicken in Kingsport,” “homestyle chicken sandwiches in Kingsport,” and others.

Use keyword research tools to create a list of words and phrases you want to rank for, including related terms. Use these naturally in your website content.

Create and Share High-Value Content

Content is king for both users and search engines. All the latest Google algorithms have improved how the search engine giant analyzes page content for value. This means you must create and share high-value content on your website on a regular basis. Regular sharing keeps Google coming back to crawl your pages and helps your rankings.

High-value content provides something of value to users who search for content on a particular topic. Using your keywords and phrases naturally throughout the content (and in specific places) helps search engines locate and rank your content. The higher your rank, the more visible your content is on search engines, and the easier it is for users to find.

Other content tips are to share longer content, up to 1500 words, even more if possible. Provide useful and actionable information. Include diagrams and images, but be sure they load fast and do not slow down the page.

Employ Internal Links to Existing Content

Your new content should link back to other related and useful pieces of content on your website. Since your entire website surrounds a specific topic and keywords, this shouldn’t be too difficult. This signals to Google and other search engines that these pieces of content relate to each other. Search engines will rank your site higher because your website surrounds these topics and has relevant and valuable content on the topics that would be useful to internet users.

We suggest you link two or three pieces of related, up-to-date content per page.

SEO-Friendly Web Design

Also essential for ranking high in Google is having an SEO-friendly web design. This means a fast-loading, well-organized website. Make sure your site is user friendly and ready to be found.

Contact 1-FIND to Improve Your Digital Marketing and SEO

If all this sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is lots of work. It takes time. Not too many business owners have the time to learn all the nuances of SEO and perform their own review and updates. That’s where 1-FIND comes into the picture. We are your partner for SEO marketing and related services in Kingsport.

Call us today for more information. You can also request a free SEO analysis by our expert team. Just follow the link and complete the contact form. One of our team members will be in touch quickly.